Travel with Jan Weekly Digest

Travel with Jan Weekly Digest

The Karakorum Highway


Tajik Autonomous County

Xinjiang-Uyghur Autonomous Region

People’s Republic of China

July 6, 2017

My Dear Friends,

What a splendid, albeit cloudy and misty, ride along the Karakorum Highway to Tashkurgan and an equally splendid, sunny and clear, ride back to Kashgar the following day.

The last town in China before the border of Pakistan, Tashkurgan Town has a long history as a major stop on the ancient Silk Road along the Karakorum Highway.  The Highway runs from Kashgar, China in the north to Islamabad, Pakistan in the west.

"Fire and Ice"


Southwest Iceland

September 11, 2015


“Fire and Ice”

“Fire” refers to hot geothermal streams and the Geysir (Geyser) that erupts frequently sending boiling water up to about 70 meters into the cool air. (230ft)

“Ice” refers to glacial remains and an ice-clogged river at Hjallanes. 

Iceland is a country of extremes –  boiling rivers to frozen rivers ….

Snaefells Peninsula

Snaefells Peninsula

Western Iceland

September 8, 2015


I chose the road less travelled. 

Before driving the popular route that heads east along the southern highway and the south coast of Iceland, I decide to drive north from Reykjavik to the Snaefells Peninsula – a road less traveled.

Snaefells is a long, narrow peninsula that pokes out into the Atlantic.  I encounter misty rain, ubiquitous fog, incessant, even overpowering wind, and a raucous surf that seems determined to smash (and has already smashed) the jagged, black volcanic cliffs that disappear below the waves.  What can I expect out in the middle of the ocean? 

Into the Mountains

On the Road

Into the Mountains


September 3, 2015


My group tour in Iceland was a short extension of a much longer tour in Greenland.

The goal of this brief Iceland tour was to avoid the well-traveled coastal route and to visit the mountainous areas with few visitors. 

The sites are so remote that we rode in a large, four-wheel drive vehicle along bumpy unpaved roads and across fast rushing streams.

Iceland: An Introduction to a Special Country

On the Road


September 2, 2015


For my first travel letter written on my first day in iceland, I have posted photographs as an Introduction to this very special country.

The photos are of the unique Icelandic horses as well as typical scenery of mountains, lava fields. lakes and waterfalls.

One series of lakes is called Fishing Lakes.

Vartolomio - Population 4271

May 6, 2015

So my friends,

It’s the end of my journey in the Peloponnese.

What shall I do?

Visit yet another marble site of Ancient Greece?

Explore the crumbling remains of the Byzantine Empire?

Climb the stone ramparts of one more Venetian Castle?

Admire the aqua view of the sea once again?

I decide on “None of the above.”