Pilgrimage Part II. Santa Fe

The Pilgrimage

Part II – Sunday in Santa Fe


Even pilgrims get the blues.

Sore Back

Stiff Hips  

Uncertain Knees  

Everything’s closed

 Aha! A River Cruise



More Water

More Jungle

And More Water

And More Jungle

Let’s Eat Lunch

Today – Jewish Holiday … Shavuot

G-d gave the Torah and Commandments to Israel and to Mankind

Gave Where? Mount Sinai

Gave to whom?  משה … Moshe … โมเสส … Moïse …  موسى … Моисей … Μωυσής … Musa …   Moisés … Moses

Tomorrow … G-d willing …   I drive to Moisés Ville

The Pilgrimage resumes.


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