Come With Me to The Kasbah



April 12, 2013 


……….. “Come with me … to the Kasbah!”  ………….
The Kasbah in Morocco.  April 15 – May 8.
For two weeks I will travel in Morocco with a small group of photographers to visit fortified towns and Berber villages, the Atlas Mountains and the Sahara desert.  Ride a camel and sleep in a tent! 
Kasbah, medina, and mellah – my lenses are clear, my memory cards clean.  And this time I packed a tall, collapsible tripod.  It fits diagonally in my suitcase. 
On my own for an additional week in Morocco, I plan to drive along the Atlantic coast and the coast of the Mediterranean Sea.

Jews of Morocco



May 4, 2013 

The history of Jewish migration and settlement in Morocco goes back to Roman times after the Romans conquered Jerusalem in 70 AD. * 

In the Middle Ages, the Jewish population in Morocco exploded as the result of the their expulsion from Spain (1492) and Portugal (1497). 

Volubilis: The Roman City

       “Always Leave Them Laughing When You Say Goodbye” *


They are hysterical with laughter.  When I say “Goodbye” they are hysterical with laughter.

Just moments before, they were angry.

Moulay Idriss (pop 12,600) clings to rocky outcrops high above an agricultural plain in the north of Morocco.  After visiting the big cities, I decide, “This is the real Morocco.”  The bright white town and its inhabitants seem so exotic. The town is perfect for a photo shoot.  Yet somehow, I sense that the local folks would object to being photographed even if I ask permission.

Essaouira: The Portuguese



April 29, 2013 

Dear Friends and Explorers,

King Henry the Navigator and Vasco da Gama (1460 – 1524) might not be as well known as Ferdinand and Isabel and Christopher Columbus. But surely the Portuguese King and Captain are significant figures in navigation, exploration and conquest during the Age of Discovery. 

Like his Spanish counterparts, King Henry of Portugal (1394 – 1460) never set sail anywhere.  Instead he sponsored and encouraged his Captains to “discover” new lands and return with boatloads of treasure.