Puerto López: The Blue-Footed Booby

Isla de la Plata: The Blue-Footed Booby 

Miami, Florida


October 1, 2013 

Jan: So, you’re going to Ecuador for three weeks.  You’re also planning a trip to The Galápagos Islands?

Jan: Yes, I’m doing my research and making a few calls.  In fact I have cruise recommendations and the travel agent has been most helpful.

Jan: So, when are you going?  

Jan:  After considering all the factors, I decided not to go to the Galápagos.

Jan:  What? And you call yourself a traveler?  What will your friends think?

Quito: The Plaza Grande and the Basilica



October 7, 2013

So I leave my hotel in the Historical District and take a short stroll to the Plaza Grande.  A military band is tooting a mid-day concert in front of the Presidential Palace.  Colorful colonial style municipal structures and churches surround the busy plaza.

I continue my stroll down several narrow streets lined with buildings coated in pastel colors – light blue, beige, bright yellow.  Colonial and modern style “flower-potted” balconies adorn the facades.  Storefront signs announce “Desayuno – Almuerzo” – Breakfast and Lunch is served. 

A typical lunch “menu” consists of a goblet of fresh fruit juice (melon or guava or pineapple), a plate of chicken or fish with rice, fries, lentils, fried banana, a small salad, and desert – all for “un dollar cinquenta,” a buck fifty.  Usually, at these luncheonettes, I am the only “gringo” sitting amongst the locals.  Well, I didn’t come to Ecuador for Subway, Swenson’s or Starbucks.    

Saquisili: Thursday Market



Pop 9296  Elev 2940m

October 10, 2013

My Dear Fellow Shoppers,

Who can resist a local market?  I can’t. 

Just outside Latacunga, the Saquisili Thursday market provides a morning’s entertainment.

Local food.  Local clothing.  Local tools.  Local art. (I bought a Tiagua painting.)

A line of tailors make on-the-spot repairs and alterations as they foot-pump their ancient Singer sewing machines.


Quilotoa Loop: Gasping



October 10, 2013 

My Dear Mountaineers, 

The Quilotoa Loop is the scenic route west from Latacunga (pop 87,417) to the remote towns of Pujili, Tigua (pop 3000) and Zumbahua (pop 3000).  North of Zumbahua, along the Rio Toachi, lies Quilotoa (Pop 150, Elev 3914m, 12,841 ft, 2.4 miles high!!). 

The paved and curvy road is easy to navigate although my cute little Chevrolet Spark struggles to ascend from 2800m in Latacunga to Quilotoa at 3914m.  To make any headway at all, I must constantly downshift from 3rd gear to 2nd<--break->