Thailand: "Winter Adventure"

Miami, Florida

Monday December 17, 2001

My Dear Family and Friends,

Sawat -dee,

I just checked the temperature readings on my Internet Home Page

London……43F - 6C Rain

Bucharest…27 - 2 Snow

New York….40 - 4 Rain

Kabul………50 - 9   Small arms fire, but can’t confirm

Bangkok ….89 - 32 Sunny * *

I made the right choice for my winter adventure.

Of course I could stay home, hang out at the pool (85F - 30C) and Jacuzzi (105F - 40C) and have a beer on South Beach on New Year’s Eve. Not this year.

Thailand: "Bah in Bangkok"

Miami, Florida

June 5, 2003

Dear Family and Friends,

Do you remember that optimistic quotation from MAD Magazine? "What, Me Worry?” Like Alfred E. Newman, it is my mantra for this summer.

I will not be cowed by bio-medical acronyms.

My spirit will not be tainted by that puerile color wheel emanating from the offices of Shrub’s henchmen in Washington.

Instead, I shall journey on to admire the lovely hues the world provides.