Thailand: Islands and Beaches

Koh Chang: "A Mixture"

Koh Chang

Trat Province


December 14, 2004


Dear Family and Friends

I am sitting on the restaurant deck that overlooks a small private beach. I am watching the sun disappear into the Gulf of Siam.  I am on Koh Chang, (Elephant Island), the second largest in Thailand, off the eastern peninsula close to the border with Cambodia.

The sea is calm, only a few gentle ripples tickle the sand; the bright red sun seems to be resting against a misty white screen.

Koh Samui: "Be Happy Where You Are"

November 15, 2004


Dear Family and Friends, 

I just finished my morning walk on Hat Chaweng, the longest beach on Samui, a large island in the middle of the Gulf of Siam. The tide is out so I wander along a flat, curved boulevard of fine, golden sand surrounded by palm trees and a few green hills. About 200 meters out to sea is a rocky breakwater parallel to the shore.

Hua Hin: "(Doing Almost) Nothing"

Hua Hin Thailand

November 12, 2004

Dear Family and Friends,

Just a brief note to tell you that I have arrived safely in Bangkok. The flights were all on time and quite comfortable. So far I have done . . . well . . . nothing . . . or almost nothing. I got reacquainted with some friends and with my old neighborhood and the local merchants and food vendors.

Koh Chang: Jan and Joe and Chinese Tourists

Koh Chang


February 27, 2015

Greetings from the beach!

My Bronx high school classmate and friend Joe F. is visiting from Los Angeles. We decided to fly down to the southern island of Koh Chang and spend a few days at the Koh Chang Kacha Resort and Spa. *

Before we left Bangkok, I phoned my friend Tu who works at an optical shop at White Sand Beach. On her day off, we three took a ride through the mountains to Bang Bao on the southern tip of the island. We wandered down the shop-filled pier and had a delicious seafood lunch at the Buddha View Restaurant. I chose a dish of fresh fish in a hearty ginger sauce along with a watermelon shake. **