Thailand: Up Country

Chiang Mai to Tak to Mae Sot: "Part 2"

April 5, 2010

From Chiang Mai I took the bus to Tak.  The guidebooks barely mention this city, but I went anyway.  And once again, in Tak, my travel philosophy is reconfirmed: “No matter where I go, there is always something interesting, even fascinating, to see, to discover.”   
I wandered out of the Wiang Tak Hotel into the searing afternoon heat.  Along the tree-shaded lanes I found old teak homes and a proud city hall.  I stopped for lunch at a food shop and ordered som tam – the traditional searing-hot green papaya salad.  I requested “nueng plick” - only one red chili pepper for me, please.  The som tam lady smiled.  The recipe calls for a handful.

Chiang Mai - Tak - Mae Sot: "Delightful Part 3"

Mae Sot
April 12, 2010

I travel by van, over the mountains westward to Mae Sot, a town that sits on the bank of the Moei River, the natural barrier between Thailand and Myanmar. 

Mae Sot is a stroller’s dream.  The town is dotted with two important stroller-ingredients: golden temples and fresh-brewed coffee.  May and Nok are my new friends at the Oasis Coffee Shop – Breakfast All Day, Free Internet, Café Americano.