Escape to Hvar

Hvar Island

(pop 11,200)

Adriatic Sea

Republic of Croatia

June 2, 2015



On Hvar, the hills are alive with the sound of motor scooters.  Automobiles are impractical given the steep and narrow cobbled lanes,

I stroll down the floral-forested path from my hilltop guest house to the shoreline and the pebbled beach.

Luxury hotels replete with lagoon-sized swimming pools and spas face west to the gleaming sea.  (Thai Massage anyone?)

In the Old Town, caf├ęs at the port and in the main square are crowded with sailors and tourists who sip cappuccino as they lounge under enormous umbrellas.

Folks venture to Hvar to bathe in the bright sun or to escape the throngs along the Dalmatian Coast.  I book a small hotel in the hills above the town to escape the throngs who are escaping from the throngs.

And since I have the best view, I read a bit and sit quietly and enjoy the occasional put-put of a motor scooter.


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