Places I Missed the First Time

Places I Missed the First Time

Bangkok, Thailand
4 October 2009

Dear Friends,

When I visited Egypt two years ago, I missed Aswan and Abu Simbel.

When I visited Turkey seven years ago, I missed the Aegean Coast, the Mediterranean Coast, and Southeastern Anatolia.

When I visited Israel last year I missed The Negev and Masada.

So for my next adventure, I decided to see some of the places I missed.

I will fly from Bangkok to Cairo where I will change planes and fly south to Aswan.

I will fly from Aswan to Istanbul.

I will travel in Turkey for about two weeks.

But the more I read in my Turkey guidebook, the more I want to see, especially in Southeastern Anatolia (think, "Kurds"). Two weeks might not be enough.

I also hope to make side trips to the nearby Dodecanese Greek Islands off the west coast of Turkey. Rhodes, et al.

My final destination is Israel where I will visit my cousins.

I count myself among the group of travelers who "don't know where we are going." With only a basic itinerary in mind, we plan as we travel. We make decisions based on a guidebook, a map, what we find when we get there, who we meet along the way, and the suggestions of other travelers.

The only thing I know for sure is that I am booked on a return from Tel Aviv to Bangkok on the night of 22 November.

Do you have any recommendations regarding my itinerary? Any "Don't Miss" destinations?

I checked. They have Internet everywhere, so please write.



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