Greece: Rhodes

Rhodes: "Now Is Finish The Season"

4 November 2009

Dear Family and Friends,

On the ferry from Marmaris to Rhodes, I met a delightful young couple so when we arrived at the port in the early evening, and since I didn't have a hotel reservation, I decided to tag along with them in their taxi to their hotel that was almost completely dark - no lights on in the windows, just like many other big resort hotels we passed along the shoreline.

Then my own light went on! "So that's why I couldn't make an Internet reservation." Everything's closed. Or about to close. That's why the hotel receptionist was aloof and cold and indifferent. "Now is finish the season," he proclaimed, with just a hint of disdain.


Rhodes: "€ 6.00"

November 3, 2009

Dear Family and Friends:

The Old Town of Rhodes is a pleasant place. The Old is now spiffy, with well-restored city walls, churches and mosques. There's the harbor of course where The Colossus once stood. And since most of the 1.7 million visitors -- mostly from Great Britain and Germany - had already departed, I shared the streets and plazas with just one small yet enthusiastic group of Israeli cruise passengers.