Faroe Islands

Gjógv, Faroe Islands Friends: Makiko and Hiroshi



Faroe Islands,

July 24, 2015

Makiko and Hiroshi are excellent travel companions.  We meet by accident somewhere on the island of Eysturoy and since I am driving and they are taking the bus from place to place, they eagerly accept my invitation to travel together.

We decide that the town of Gjógv would be our intermediate destination.  The small town sits at the northerly tip of the island.  The map shows that there is a restaurant there.

Faroe Islands: Unique


Faroe Islands 

July 25, 2015

Dear Friends,

Please forgive me.   I just can’t help myself.

It seems like I am stopping my car every five minutes to take photos and more photos.

How can I resist?

The scenery here is … well, let’s just say … unique.

Mykines for the Birds


Faroe Islands

July 23, 2015

I'm so angry!

Nowhere in any brochure or on the website or anywhere is there any indication of a strenuous four-hour hike to see some birds!

We hop off the boat at the Meknes pier.  Only then does the captain-guide give us the news!

When I booked this cruise-day-trip, I expected to encounter the bird colonies here in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.  The guide failed to mention the location!