China: Shanghai

Shanghai: "Wandering The Galleries; Gardens; And Markets"

June 13, 2010
Dear Family and Friends,

Even with its pompous prose, sometimes, sometimes my guide book provides a colorful description to an eager traveler:

Yuyuan Gardens & Bazaar:  "With its shaded alcoves, glittering pools churning with carp, pavilions, pines sprouting wistfully from rockeries, whispering bamboo, jasmine clumps, stony recesses and roving packs of tourists, these gardens are one of Shanghai's premier sights - but weekends can be overpoweringly crowded." *

South Africa? or Shanghai?

Bangkok, Thailand

15 June 2010

Dear Friends and Sports Fans Everywhere,

Back in 1994, when the FIFA World Cup was staged in the USA, I attended two matches at Foxboro Stadium outside Boston: Bolivia v Korea and Nigeria v Greece. I had never seen a football (soccer) match before. I loved the enthusiastic national pride of the spectators and I was impressed with the athleticism and skill of the players. I enjoyed the constant “stress” of the game. I was “sold.”

Back To Shanghai: "The Expo And The Mansion"

July 5, 2010

Back in Shanghai, I returned to the World Expo 2010 to try to find something of interest.  The exhibits I chose during my initial visit last month were crowded and uninspiring.  The international pavilions were mostly public relations ads to promote tourism.  I didn't see any that followed the theme, "Better City - Better Life."

Someone I met on the grounds recommended the Urban Pavilion of Footprint, and I was so glad that I went.  On display in this enormous multi-floor pavilion were dioramas and descriptions of many of the major cities and civilizations, past and present. "The concept and design for the Urban Pavilion of Footprint were contributed by the Shanghai Museum. The pavilion portrays the growth of the cities as a decisive factor for human progress over the ages." My favorite was the display of art and gold sculpture from Tibet.

To Shanghai with Love

"When everything seemed hopeless, there was an open door.  I don't want anyone to forget where that door was.  That is why the story needs to be told.  Soon there won't be anyone around to remember how we survived against all odds."   Shanghai Refugee

       "To Shanghai with Love"

By Jan Polatschek and Cheng Na Dai (Daisy)

Jan writes:

The Goldstaub Family loves Shanghai.  The Blumenthal Family loves Shanghai.  The Rossback and Zysman and Rosenfeld Families love Shanghai.  These European Jewish families along with thousands of others owe their lives to the government of China and to the people of Shanghai.  When they visit China, they come to Shanghai with love.