Zagreb: Capital City

Zagreb   (pop 790,000)

Republic of Croatia

May 25, 2015



Every  day.  Day after day.   Hour after hour.  

Raining! Hard!

Will I ever see this city?

I do manage a slightly damp early morning stroll and find impressive Austro-Hungarian architecture.

When the sun makes a brief appearance, I venture up to the Antiques Market where I dig up some piano music.  I pause at a café and nurse a cappuccino while taking candid shots.

Sibenik: A Worthy Day Trip




May 28, 2015



Driving south, between Zadar and Split, I stop for a coffee in the small coastal city of Šibenik.

Despite the fact that Šibenik is not even mentioned in my guidebook, I decide to take a stroll.  No matter where, there is always something of interest to discover.

Šibenik will be no exception.

Dalmatian Coast: Zadar


(pop 78,200)


Republic of Croatia

May 28, 2015


Zadar attracts a vibrant mixture of local residents and international tourists. 

No cruise ship passengers here.  Just a lively assemblage of individual travelers, local teenagers, and moms and dads out with the kids on an ordinary yet sparkling Thursday afternoon. 

In the bright afternoon sun, everyone enjoys the sights and sounds of this historic city by the sea:

Plitvice Lakes National Park

Plitvice Lakes National Park

Zadar Region


May 27, 2015


Plitvice Lakes lies midway between Zagreb and Zadar.

A pocket guide published by the Zagreb Tourist Board, Zagreb and Surroundings posts this description of the Park:

The Plitvice Lakes National Park, a magical world of lakes, forests, waterfalls, moss, water and sunlight is a true natural monument, a unique phenomenon under the protection of UNESCO.

My guidebook has more detail:

Dalmatian Coast: Split



May 30 2015


I adopt three distinct strategies to avoid the teeming hordes streaming through the streets of the Old City of Split.

The first strategy is to avoid them altogether by wandering towards the port and then up the cobbled streets and stairways to the hills above the city.   Great scenery…well worth the climb....

Escape to Hvar

Hvar Island

(pop 11,200)

Adriatic Sea

Republic of Croatia

June 2, 2015



On Hvar, the hills are alive with the sound of motor scooters.  Automobiles are impractical given the steep and narrow cobbled lanes,

I stroll down the floral-forested path from my hilltop guest house to the shoreline and the pebbled beach.

Luxury hotels replete with lagoon-sized swimming pools and spas face west to the gleaming sea.  (Thai Massage anyone?)