"How to Save the World?"



November 12, 2023

My Dear Friend,

I recently exchanged correspondence with Michael G., an old, old American friend.  Mike and I went to kindergarten together in the Bronx.  We attended each other’s Bar Mitzvah.

Mike is troubled by current events in Israel and Gaza. 

Mike expresses the historical perspective that is commonly held by Jews of our generation. For Gaza he blames Hamas.  He is angry with the youth and their demonstrations at universities in the United States.  He is fearful of the rise of antisemitism.

Mike writes, “It is a shame that in the last years of our lives we must deal with Covid and now antisemitism at a scale larger than anything since World War II. “

In frustration Mike confesses, “I have no answers.”

Despite our different viewpoint on some issues, my old friend still holds me in high regard:

Mike asks, “Jan, what do you think should be done to save our world?”

In the News: Ukraine and Sudan

In the News: Ukraine and Sudan

Jomtien Beach


May 1, 2023

In downtown Kiev, both sides of the main boulevard are lined with an assortment of busy restaurants and cafes. (I visited Ukraine in June 2018.)  

One outdoor restaurant is my favorite.  For lunch and dinner, I usually order a refreshing bowl of borscht, a salad overflowing with fresh vegetables, and a second plate with a generous portion of herring in cream sauce and onions.

For my entertainment, every afternoon, a stylishly dressed, posture perfect young couple proudly parades along the sidewalk as if they are auditioning for a fashion magazine and waiting to be discovered. Their smart outfits change every day.  Twice a day?

Kiev is blessed with marvelous residential architecture and splendid cathedrals.

Travel with Gary and Pat

Jomtien Beach

Chonburi Province


October 2, 2023


My friends Gary and Pat own a home in Ban Chang, a small city in Rayong Province.

Since I have rented an apartment in Jomtien Beach, in nearby Chonburi Province, I visit them frequently.  They are marvelous hosts.

Occasionally we have an adventure to a local site.  It's either colorful or "delicious."

Cebu: Downtown and Uptown

Cebu City
Province of Cebu
Republic of the Philippines
May 23, 2023
Despite my lackadaisical attitude, I actually got to see some water in the Philippines!
My driver crossed the 5.5 mile (8.9 km) Cebu–Cordova Link Expressway (CCLEX), also known as the Cebu–Cordova Bridge.  He found a remote dockside where cheerful young women encourage their screeching  kids to swim and play.   A Waterfront Kindergarten!  **