Cluj-Napoca, Romania: Hello from Luminita


Florida, USA

September 30, 2001


How are you “Mr. Crazy American"?

Of course I remember you, and I'm happy you remember us.

I think you had a nice holiday in The Balkans.

I was in Bulgaria when I was in high school and last year I passed through when I went to Turkey, but I didn’t see very much. I have never been to Greece but I think is the country I want to visit as soon as possible, but who knows?


Transylvania: "Welcome to Romania"



June 26, 2001

My Dear Family and Friends,


I am sitting in the delightful Hubertus Restaurant, listening to a sweet musical trio (keyboard, violin and clarinet) while I wait for my main course of roasted quail with potatoes and tomato salad.

I am in a charming university town called Cluj-Napoca in the middle of the Transylvanian Mountains in Romania.

For the past two days I have driven in the far north near the borders of Hungary and The Ukraine.  The area is called The Maramureş where communities are living their lives the way they have for hundreds of years -- spinning, woodworking, and farming in beautiful and fertile mountain valleys alongside swift mountain rivers.

Epilogue: Home Safe

Miami, Florida

July 19, 2001

Dear Family and Friends,

Just to let you know that I arrived home safely on Tuesday afternoon as scheduled. The Swissair flights were uneventful.

My route took me from Thessalonica to Zurich for a one-hour stopover. I was able to resist the duty free shops. Bally shoes had a half price sale, but nothing in my size!

Brasov, Romania: "Thank you, Teodora"


Miami, Florida
August 26, 2001

Dear Dora,

Thank you for your letter from Brasov.

My summer travels have come to an end. I am home, sorting through weeks of mail and bills. I am filling my refrigerator with food. Don't feel sad for me. The weather here is quite hot so I am off to the beach this afternoon.

After five weeks in Europe, I spent three weeks in Lubec, Maine -- the most northeasterly town in the most northeasterly state of the United States. I attended a piano school for adults. This was my fourth year there. The weather was mostly warm and sunny. Since Lubec is on the coast there can also be a lot of fog and chilly days even in the summer.