Si Saket: Park and Temple

Si Saket


December 15, 2012

For my final trip of 2012, I rode up to the Isan area to the city of Si Saket to visit my friend Saengduen who is a teacher in a village outside of town.  We visited a lovely park and zoo and also a large Buddhist temple.

(Most travelers to this area visit the well-known Preah Vihear Temple complex across the border in Cambodia.)

The spacious grounds of Somdet Phra Si Nakarin Park display a variety of tropical plantings and trees.   The zoo houses colorful birds, crocodiles, bears and deer with huge sets of antlers.  The cages are a bit primitive but the animals seem content.

The Wat Phra That Rueng Rong temple is eight kilometers out of town. Naturally we hired motorbike taxis for the ride.  The site has a traditional design. The area is used for religious ceremonies and as a museum to display the life of Isan tribes such as Lao, Khmer, Suai, and Yoe.  Saengduen and I climbed the tower for excellent views of the temple and the surrounding countryside.

The park and the temple are not on the official list of “Unseen Thailand.”  Just two peaceful locations and there’s not another Westerner in sight.  Local children, adults and families are enjoying a warm, sunny day in the countryside.  

Exactly my kind of sight to see.

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