Saquisili: Thursday Market



Pop 9296  Elev 2940m

October 10, 2013

My Dear Fellow Shoppers,

Who can resist a local market?  I can’t. 

Just outside Latacunga, the Saquisili Thursday market provides a morning’s entertainment.

Local food.  Local clothing.  Local tools.  Local art. (I bought a Tiagua painting.)

A line of tailors make on-the-spot repairs and alterations as they foot-pump their ancient Singer sewing machines.


In this part of the world, indigenous Indians are superstitious and shy.  Normally they refuse to be photographed.  Folks in Saquisili are no exception.  With one small difference.  A small “offering” is graciously appreciated and permission is granted to shoot a portrait.

The small town itself is unremarkable.  But lucky me.  In the main plaza, I happened upon a rehearsal for a beauty contest!

Local music too. I bought a CD. 


Check out my music video of the Saquisili market.  Also two videos of music from the big city of Latacunga (pop 87,417).

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