Casablanca: Portraits at Mosque and Market

How do I write about myself without sounding pompous?  Will I suffer a separated shoulder for patting myself on my back?



April 17, 2013

“You’re really good with people.”  That’s what Rina said to me this afternoon.

Rina and I and four other ladies are on a two-week photo tour of Morocco. Our first stop was at a local Casablanca market – the same market I visited on my own the day before.

Rina observed my success in getting strangers to pose for me.  Many of the strangers are Muslim women or girls. They are initially quite shy and reluctant to have their picture taken.  Even a few men are apprehensive.  Nevertheless, I am successful almost every time I try.  My subjects end up smiling and eager to see their image on the camera screen.

To what do I owe my success?   Is it because my father insisted I be respectful and gracious to strangers?  Do I follow my mother’s example and easily start a conversation with everyone who crosses my path?  Did growing up in New York City teach me to be fearless and open-minded?  Or have I simply fine-tuned my natural charm and wit? (Too pompous?)

So today, at the market, I was greeted warmly by my “old friends.”   And I made some “new friends” too.

Finally at the Hassan II Mosque, I met a group of friendly teenagers who were happy to let me take their picture,   Then, one of the young girls decided to pose alone. And pose she did! She wanted to change her Facebook cover!!

Hey, I’m just trying to be social,


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