Kunming: A Vow to Renew?


Yunnan Province


May 27, 2014

Dear Friends,

Every time I visit a public park in Asia, I make a vow … that I rarely keep.

From Harbin to Hong Kong, from Beijing to Bangkok, from Shanghai to Seremban, the parks are heaving with babysitters minding infant children, teenagers stealing an embrace, and adults of all ages slimming down!

Tai Chi for you?  Workout equipment? Aerobics anyone?  Shall we dance?  Yes, dancing, always dancing!   From China to Thailand to Malaysia, the parks are alive with the sights and sounds of dancing!

Green Lake Park in Kunming is no exception. Whatever you desire, opportunities abound for the weight conscious, health conscious, exercise addict. 

Please excuse me, but for me, right now, huffing and puffing up the hills of Kunming at 1,892m (6,207 ft) to visit Yuantong Temple is all the exercise I need, thank you very much.  (Kunming is higher than Lima!  Higher than Denver!) Plus I am headed west to the mountains of Yunnan Province and heaven only knows how thin the air will be.

Perhaps, “perhaps” I say, I will renew my vow to exercise more when I return home to Bangkok … at sea level!

Be well,


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