Lijiang Prefecture: Monks in the Trees

Monks in the Trees

On the Road in Lijiang Prefecture

Yunnan Province


June 2, 2014

Dear Friends,

Significant portions of western Yunnan were once part of Tibet.  Consequently, Tibet monasteries or Lamaseries are scattered around the province.

On the road from Lijiang to Tiger Leaping Gorge, we made a detour deep into the hills to visit the active Yufeng Lamasery.

One expects to find monks or lamas at work or at study.  And like elsewhere in the Buddhist world, young novice monks are also at study or at play.  Here we found the cheerful and energetic young boys exercising and climbing in the trees.

After our visit to the temple itself, we stopped for lunch on the grounds.  Local women prepare the Yunnan version of Jell-O.  Beans are soaked and cooked and dried.  Then water is added and the beans jell.  Chili is liberally sprinkled on top.   As a side dish, the women cut, season and fry potatoes.  Fresh-baked bread!  Sliced mango for dessert.

So – spicy jelled beans, French fries, and fruit for lunch.  Nutritious!   Delicious!  And as ambitious and adventurous as the Monks in the Trees!


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