Am Yisrael

Samarkand: The Jewish Quarter and The Registan

Ozoda Sayidakhmedova
Samarkand, Uzbekistan
May 29, 2009

Dear Ozoda,
Cc: Family and Friends

Thank you for being my personal guide in Samarkand. Without you, it would have been much more difficult to visit some of the sights. And since you are training to be a guide, I appreciate the information that you provided.

The Jewish Quarter in Samarkand was easy to find. But we did have to search around for the “Synagoga” and the lady with the keys. Tamara explained that the old Jewish public bathhouse and the synagogue are still in use but her children, like most of the young people, have emigrated to Israel. She was a bit sad when she admitted that no bar mitzvahs or weddings had taken place here in a long while.