Djibouti: Lac Abbé

Lac Abbé


Horn of Africa

May 4, 2011

Djibouti has the modern colonial syndrome.  The French rulers departed thirty-four years ago, but here, like other places in the world, even after a generation or two, people are still pissed off.  Unlike Ethiopia, sometimes invaded, but never colonized, where everyone smiles a sparkling smile, folks in Djibouti City sneer, more or less, with a rotted out set of khat -gnawed teeth.  So what in heaven’s name am I doing here?

 I am here for the lakes.

Ah, what lakes!

The Desert

The Flat and Endless Desert

Central Oman

January 19, 2015

So, my dear photographer friends please tell me, “How do I photograph nothing?”

Nothing is what I see as I drive down the center of Oman, through the desert from Nizwa to Salalah.

Every few minutes I pass a “Camel Crossing” sign.  But nary has a creature appeared.  For hours and hours.  For hours and hours and hours, all I see is nothing!