Blind Trust - Feel the Burn


United Arab Emirates

April 1, 2016


I need your help. 

I have been asked to conduct a search for an Executive Director of a large and diversified Trust Fund.  The position requires senior-level expertise in operations and financial management in the Real Estate and Hospitality Industries.

As a life-long registered Democrat, you can imagine my surprise when I received a personal letter from Donald Trump.  This was no ordinary mailer asking for a contribution.   This was a personal letter, on his personal letterhead.

Mr. Trump is optimistic and looking ahead to winning the Republican Party nomination for President.  As the nominee, he wants to be a visionary when it comes to foreign affairs, especially in the area of military preparedness.  Consequently, he is researching the sites of closed or abandoned military bases in order to expand our global reach and readiness. 

In his search, Mr. Trump came upon my website and my travel letter and photographs from my recent visit to the abandoned World War Two United States Air Force base in Greenland.  Apparently, Mr. Trump’s military advisors informed him that this remote spot in the North Atlantic has significant strategic importance. **

Just by chance, on my website, Mr. Trump also clicked on the link to “Jan’s CV.”  He found that I had a long career in the Hospitality Industry.  So he was interested.

On February 15, we met on Skype and had a stimulating and informative discussion.  One of our topics was “communication.”  Mr. Trump doesn’t need any help from me in this regard.  However, he concurred with my long-held attitude that in order to succeed as an “educator” one must also succeed as an “entertainer.”  I think Mr. Trump knows this instinctively but he was impressed with the articulate expression of my thoughts.  

Mr. Trump disclosed (he is so optimistic!) than when he is elected President all his financial assets must be assigned to a Blind Trust. Consequently, he needs to hire an Executive Director to manage the trust while he is office.

I had to admit to Mr. Trump that while I do have knowledge of the Hospitality Industry, Financial Management is not my forte.  He agreed that the job of Executive Director may not be the best use of my skills.  

So Mr. Trump insisted I consider the opportunity to serve on the Board of Directors of the Trust.  I agreed.  Mr. Trump replied, “You’re hired!”

One of my most important duties will be to visit Mr. Trump’s real-estate holdings, hotel properties and gaming establishments around the world and to report my observations and recommendations to the Executive Director.  I will be afforded an appropriate travel and entertainment expense account in addition to a generous annual stipend.

But, first things first.  

As a member of the Board, I must help in the recruitment of the Executive Director of the Trust.  While I still have my contacts in the business world, I can use your help. 

If you know of anyone who might be a good candidate for the Executive Director of the Melania Trump and Donald J. Trump Blind Trust, please let me know as soon as possible.  Mr. Trump is an impatient man.

Thank you so much.

Best regards,


PS  As you see from the address atop this letter, I have returned to the Arabian Peninsula for a three week visit (March 30 - April 20).  Unfortunately, I had planned this trip long before my recent appointment to the Trump Board.  So I am on my own dime at the moment.  

At my hotel this morning, I chose the patriotic All-American Breakfast: fresh-squeezed Florida orange juice, fried organic chicken eggs with hash-brown Maine potatoes, yuge stack of blueberry pancakes topped with New Hampshire maple syrup and a scoop of Ben & Jerry’s latest ice cream flavor - Core Cookies and Cheesecake.

Yes, it’s quite hot here in Dubai.  I drink lots of water.  I brought along a good suntan lotion.  The sun is strong. 

I am definitely starting to feel the burn. 


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