Bris and Bar Mitzvah in Bangkok



March 22, 2018


The Chasids know how to party!

This month I was invited to two celebrations.

Rabbi Moshe Hadad and his wife Elisheva invited me to the Bris of their son Yaakov Yehuda.

The ceremony took place in our* temporary shul.  A new one is under construction across the street.

The Bris itself was part solemn and part joyful.  But the luncheon served later was 100% joyful.

On Sunday March 18, I was invited to attend the Bar Mitzvah of Yaakov Hadad, the son of Rabbi David and Mrs. Nechama Hadad, the brother and sister-in-law of Rabbi Moshe.

The Bar Mitzvah meal was creative and delicious and bountiful.  But the dancing!  Oye, the dancing!  Joyful does not begin to describe this celebration.

Please excuse my photography.  Between my ancient iPhone and my ancient, unsteady hand, it’s a miracle they are what they are.

Am Yisroel Chai!

*I said “our” because I am a member of Temple Beth Elisheva here in Bangkok.  There are three synagogues in Bangkok and three more in other cities of Thailand.  Also in Laos and Vietnam.

Rabbi Yosef Kantor is the Chief Rabbi in this region.   He and his fellow Rabbis are Emissaries of the Lubavitcher movement. 

So “Come on over!”  Pesach is coming, and separate Seders will be conducted in English and Hebrew.


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