Get a Grip!




April 1, 2017

Sunny and Hot 


I am disappointed … in myself.

For weeks, I have tried in vain to find a theme for my annual April 1 “gotcha” letter.   Not that there haven’t been suitable subjects.  

One recent event comes to mind. 

“President Trump declined the invitation to throw out the first ball at the start of the baseball season.  So, to substitute for the president, I thought I would nominate friends who are die-hard baseball fans.  But a few of them are already gone too soon and others have just gone fishing.”  

I considered the list of Presidential Succession: Pence, Ryan, Hatch, Tillerson.  “Now close your eyes and try to imagine one of those guys on the mound.”  

The conclusion of my unwritten baseball letter could have been, “Mr. Trump, this is a tradition for all presidents.  Please, get a grip!”   Then I understood why he said no.  He probably couldn’t get a grip, if you follow my meaning.

Yeah, yeah, I agree, my humor has disappeared.    

Who can blame me?

Since last fall I have been inundated with: 

The Electoral college, the popular vote, voter suppression, voter fraud, voter recount, transition team, hiring, firing, inauguration count, inauguration recount, news, fake news, alternate facts, tweets, retweets, Russia, travel ban, court decisions, appeals, watered down travel ban, court decisions, appeals, tweets, retweets, Russia, daily news briefings, executive orders, rallies, protests, marches, tweets, retweets, Russia, non-handshakes, confirmation hearings, more hearings, even more hearings, stare decisis, filibuster, the nuclear option, whip counts, ACA, Freedom Party, (Freedom Party?), secret meetings in Florida, secret meetings on the White House grounds, Russian operatives, ski trips, golf trips, secret service expenses, separate bedrooms, tweets, retweets, Russia.  And just today we are treated to tantrum.

If I get another Facebook link to another rumor or another accusation or another request for immunity, I’m going to scream!

Calm down, Jan.  Get a grip.

One of my friends advised me to avoid writing about politics and just stick to travel writing.  And so, I shall.

Please follow the link below for a true (amusing?) story from my desert adventure on the China Silk Road last September 19.  I remember the exact date because September 18 is my birthday.  

After the "adventure" on September 19, I catered a belated birthday party.  I invited one Bulgarian, two Hungarians, and two cute Chinese girls. Check it out.

"One Bulgarian, two Hungarians, and two cute Chinese girls."  Hey, I just thought of next year's April Fool's Day letter.  No details now.  It would spoil the fun.

Happy April Fool’s Day.

Keep smiling?



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