Marty Israel: One Man Show



June 25, 2019

My friend and classmate Martin (Marty) Israel applies his artistic sensibility and his computer skills to design alternative one-of-a kind images for the photographs I post on this website.

Most recently, Marty has created several "Themes and Variations."

Just as a musician composes a Theme and Variations, Marty begins with the original image and, step by step, develops the "melody" from the simple to the complex, from the recognizable to the fanciful.  The variations are colorful, challenging and surprising. 

In the past I simply added Marty's "variations" to accompany my original photographs.

Now I decided to collect Marty's images and install a permanent "Marty Israel One Man Show."  The One Man Show includes Marty's contributions from Egypt, Thailand, Uruguay, Georgia, Surinam and Kazakhstan. 

I look forward to adding future unique creations.

Please enjoy The Show.


Marty will be pleased to design unique and playful variations for your own images.  Contact Marty:


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