Responses to Retirement Announcement ....... April 1, 2019


Mazel Tov!!!! You should have done this years ago.


CONGRATULATIONS.  This is big news.  I also am retiring but since I will sorely miss teaching, I will keep my hand in by teaching an annual seminar or so.


It sounds like you are making many very life changing decisions at this time and I am happy and excited for you and wish you much success with your new endeavors.


Congratulations.  Wishing you all you wish for.


 A great move and you have my full support.


All the best in your future undertakings.


Wow....sounds great.  


Congratulations on your retirement


Hi Jan: I just read your “retirement” email.” All I can say is “WOW! Sounds like you may be working harder than everDoubt you'll have time to be bored with all the special activities planned. 


Dean Jan---wow!   Good luck--you will need it.


Is this serious?


HUH?!?!  Are you alright?!  What have you been drinking???!!!  Your caring and now worried friend


Trying to figure out if you are for real or not, or what part of your email is for real and what is not.


Landscape Photography and Photo Shop…. I already have my degree, but can I audit the above coarse? (Not a misspelling --- I have laryngitis.)  My landscapes all come out looking funny.


This is awesome, you are not teasing before April first I hope ☺️.  I’ll follow up on your curriculum with most interest! 


Your Retirement Announcement Letter is an April Fool joke, isn't it???


Dear Jan, 

           Wow, what great news and such a good idea; ever the philanthropist. 

           Who would have thought that I would have, at my late stage in life, the opportunity to complete my studies and be able to complete the modules in indolence and faineance, which has dogged me my whole life?

           It is worth noting that they were subjects in which I excelled when I was younger, but I never really grasped the importance of studying the fine details of the disciplines. A lapse which has troubled me my whole life. Here at last, Thanks Khun Jan, I now have an opportunity to complete these. All in a visionary and relaxed Soi 1 (or soi 1a) way.

          As I have noticed, there are many suitable candidates with the potential to be adequate tutors around the Soi, but I am hoping that you will have the fore sight to be able to engage K. Pasdetyme Sloelee to be lead mentor. I am sure that in between the occasional motorsci calls he can make an amazing contribution.

          If I might just offer a word of advice, though. We are living in a changed world, one where we have to be all inclusive and not exclusive. I see that although you have engaged the engaging K.PhunTuk AroiAroi as the head chef, great as she is, I think that one should think of the international ambitions of the endeavour and cater towards more (all?) potential candidates.
It would be good to see someone on the staff who is a specialist in Inuit fish stripping cuisine, or someone who has mastered the yaks milk tea specialty.     I am excited.

I almost want to be paid to enroll! I think I'll leave for Madagascar the day after tomorrow but only if I can connect directly from there to McMurdo Sound (I think that's in Antarctica). What is the website for "Universidad Completada?


This is the most elaborate April Fools announcement that I have encountered. It’s a pleasant read, but slowly gives itself away.


You almost had me. Well done.


 A good April’s Fools story!!


 Ha! All fools Day?


Today is April 1st which is JOKE DAY!!  I would say a good try, but…!  :-)


And a Happy April Fools to you!!


Happy Aprils Fool Day 


You are so bad Jan. I am going to get you!


Fooled me until you got to DeVos.  As Rick Steves says “keep on traveling”


Thanks for this 4-1-19 update. You had me going for a bit. Mississippi is a beautiful place.


You made me laugh


Brilliant. Another Modest Proposal!


And April Fool’s day to you too! Still waiting for your Trump Administration appointment?


Great have a happy fool’s day. But you should really teach in the future 


Happy April Fool's Day from one fool to


That one is worth a BIG thumbs up!


Very funny





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