Kuala Terengganu: "Stuff Happens"

July 25, 2006

Kuala Terengganu



Hello Everyone,

On my way south from the pier at Kota Basut to my next destination, Kuala Terengganu, in a completely unrelated incident, I re-injured my knee.

Fortunately, and I do mean fortunately, all of the mid-range hotels were "completely booked" for the celebration of the Sultan's birthday. I arrived at the four-star Hotel Grand Continental limping on my walking stick and in pain.

I taxi-ed over to the emergency room of the local hospital, had some X-Rays and the doc there gave me some pain killers, wrote a report, and recommended I see an orthopedic doc in a week to see what develops. His exam and the X-Rays were "negative." .

I had planned two day trips - to the massive reservoir and to another beach. Instead I just relaxed: a room with a view of the sea, good restaurant and room service, ESPN and CineMax, a long bath tub, and a Business Center with DSL. I got a lot of work done.

I did manage one short trip to Masjid Tengu Tengah Zaharah - the so-called "floating mosque." "Set in a large park, this huge, gleaming white building combines modern and traditional Moorish-style designs, projects out over a lake, giving the illusion of "floating." It really is beautiful.

I decided to get back to Bangkok. On Thursday evening I walked to Bumrungrad International Hospital just up the street from my apartment. I made an appointment with an orthopedist for the next morning! At exactly 09:50 I was escorted into his examining room. Everything is OK! Maybe a slight tear in a muscle. Prognosis is excellent. 

I will return to Malaysia soon before my SIM card expires. There is much more to see: Melaka, Penang and the south towards Singapore. Come to think of it, I should return to Singapore. There is more to see in Singapore too. 

In the meantime I am recovering nicely. I am happy to be "home." I am meeting other ex-pats who share my attitudes regarding living and traveling overseas: a young woman from Japan who works at the hospital as an interpreter and speaks fluent Thai and English; a woman from Levittown, N.Y.! who teaches in Syria; a young man from England who lived at Battery Park, NYC and Hoboken, NJ!; a young man from Australia who works in Hanoi, and a Columbian-American woman from Miami!!!

Last Friday, just up the street, I had a spirited chat with Jason, the owner of a language school and hotel consultant business. I emailed him my CV. Hey, you never know!

Keep cool, and don't jog on the grass!!

"Chester"... Jan


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