Hava Nagilah

February 8, 2013
4:15 pm

Dear Friends,

I just stepped out on to my balcony to check on my drying clothes.

The balcony overlooks a canal and on the other side of the canal is an elementary school.

Frequently I hear the band playing, especially in the early morning and sometimes in the late afternoon.   The young Thai kids play with energy and enthusiasm.  I usually hear Itsy Bitsy Spider.   Occasionally they play Stars and Stripes Forever.

Just as I stepped out this afternoon, the band was playing Hava Nagila!  I am not kidding. The notes from the glockenspiel were quite clear.

Is Someone trying to tell me something?  I haven't been in shul in months.

I think I'll go tonight.

So, my friends, Shabbat Shalom.