To Myanmar with Love Book Launching Party

27 April 2009
Bangkok , Thailand

Dear Friends,

Last night, at the Nomad Moroccan Restaurant on Sukhumvit Soi 12, ThingsAsian Press gave a party to launch the latest volume in their catalogue, "To Myanmar With Love."  (I contributed four essays.)

Almost one hundred animated guests showed up to chat and to exchange travel stories. The Mediterranean food was excellent, the music authentic, and those of us living in Bangkok vowed to return to the restaurant.

My new friend in Bangkok, Janet Brown, the hostess of the party met me at the entrance and brought me to a table with copies of the newly printed book. Also on display were copies of the previous offering, "To Vietnam with Love" as well as Janet's own book, "Tone Deaf in Bangkok ."

Other "celebrities" at the party included Albert Wen, the publisher; Kim Fay, the creator of the "To Asia With Love" series; Joshua Samuel Brown, the author of "Vignettes of Taiwan"; and Joe Cummings, the editor of the Lonely Planet "Thailand" travel guide. I was so happy to meet my email correspondents and associates.

A contributor and editor, my good friend Don Gilliland, and I decided in advance to "dress up" and "go native." We each wore our perfectly handsome and 

appropriate Burmese longyi. I must give Don special thanks. Don brought me into the ThingsAsian family.

Here's my good news . . . . The ThingsAsian editors like my writing. So, four of my Myanmar letters appear in the new book. And last year, one of my letters appeared in the Vietnam book.

"To Vietnam With Love" and "To Myanmar With Love" and the original volume in the series, "To Asia With Love" are all available at Amazon and other book sellers.

I admit that I am pleased and proud. When I started writing my travel letters eight years ago, I never imagined that I would see my work in print.

I am encouraged!




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