Volcán Tungurahua, Manteles, Ecuador

Hacienda Manteles


Tungurahua Province

Central Highlands


October 12, 2013 

Fellow Volcanologists, 

Recently, my loyal friend Kenny used the word “remarkable.”  I am certain he would concur that approaching Cotopaxi, the dormant snow- capped volcano, while riding down the highway is truly remarkable. 

My brother-in-law Stephen likes the word “outstanding.”  Can we all agree that watching smoke and ash billowing from an active volcano is truly outstanding? 

My dear friend Uli likes to use the word “extraordinary.”  How fortunate am I that the smoke and ash I viewed during the day turned to red glowing fire at night!  A truly extraordinary sight.

My new friend and host at the hotel, Juan Fernando and I observed the stunning show of smoke, ash and fire of Volcán Tungurahua (“Throat of Fire”) from the doorway of the hotel.   We also made a short video. 

The hotel, by the way, is also outstanding.  I needed no persuasion to take a suite that includes a Jacuzzi and a huge floor to ceiling, wall to wall plate glass window that faces the valley and the volcano. 

I decided to stay an extra day to enjoy the show. 

On the road soon.  To the next volcano? 


Active Jan

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