Come With Me to The Kasbah



April 12, 2013 


……….. “Come with me … to the Kasbah!”  ………….
The Kasbah in Morocco.  April 15 – May 8.
For two weeks I will travel in Morocco with a small group of photographers to visit fortified towns and Berber villages, the Atlas Mountains and the Sahara desert.  Ride a camel and sleep in a tent! 
Kasbah, medina, and mellah – my lenses are clear, my memory cards clean.  And this time I packed a tall, collapsible tripod.  It fits diagonally in my suitcase. 
On my own for an additional week in Morocco, I plan to drive along the Atlantic coast and the coast of the Mediterranean Sea.

From Tangier, Morocco I will travel to Zurich, Switzerland where I will visit my cousin Michal and his family who I have never met.  May 8 – 13. 
From Zurich I travel to Lisbon, Portugal where I have never been.  May 13 – June??
There’s so much history in Portugal.  So much to see.  Both on the Iberian Peninsula and on the volcanic islands in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. 
I'm “traveling.”  I'm not sure when I'll be home. Probably mid June.
Come with me … to the Kasbah!
PS      I looked it up.  What a disappointment!  
The iconic dialogue of “Come with me to the Kasbah" and "We’ll make beautiful music together” was not uttered by the oh so suave French actor Charles Boyer to his sultry co-star Hedy Lamarr in the movie Algiers (1938).  The “line” only runs in the preview clip.  
The movie studio moguls determined that Boyer's suggestive “invitation” was much too provocative for their prudish audiences back then.

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