Lijiang: The Old Town and Market


Yunnan Province

People’s Republic of China

Elevation 2400m 7900 ft.

June 2, 2014

Dear Friends and Fellow Travelers,

I can never resist a market.  Can you?  Always lively, colorful and surprising, the market is a core element of daily life.  What is more essential than food, clothing and household goods?   And what is more fun? 

So after our early morning stroll through the Old Town of Lijiang that included an invitation to a tea ceremony, my guide Illian and I head over to the main market.  I took about “a thousand” photos, and finally stocked up on a half kilo of fresh, sweet green plums for the ride ahead.

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Lijiang is on the main tourist route for travelers in Yunnan Province.  Charming and enchanting, many of the old structures have been restored.  And since the opening of a new airport, Lijiang is a favorite retreat for folks seeking a quick escape from a distant city. 

Illian and I also decided on a quick escape … from Lijiang.  We have an ambitious and adventurous itinerary planned.  

For the moment we are driving north through the mountains.  And who knows?  Maybe we’ll stumble upon a rural market or two along the way?




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