The Sinaw Souk

The Souk



January 29, 2015

On my drive to the north coast of Oman, I stop in the city of Sinaw.   The guidebook lists the population at about 10,000, but on this Thursday Market Day, the city explodes into a multi-colored array of buyers and sellers from around the region.

Unlike the Nizwa Goat Market where the participants are all men and boys dressed in the traditional white dishdasha,  the souk here in Sinaw is crowded with both men and boys and women and girls. 

Based on their dress and physiognomy, the folks appear to be from a variety of tribes and ethnicities.  And contrasted with the more conservative regions of Oman, some of the girls and women here are friendly and happy to pose for a photo or two.

After two weeks on the road in Oman, I have become quite familiar with the environment and comfortable with the livestock, the produce and the dry goods.  Now, I’m not in the market for a curious camel or a bleating goat or even a lively chicken.  But who can resist the honey-dipped dates or a distinctive scarf or two?

And it’s considered the height of rude behavior if I refuse the offer of a coffee or a tea when invited by a group of men who are curious about my nationality and my motivation for traveling among them.

So, what is my motivation?  Who knows?  Who can explain it?

I’m off to the next market somewhere,



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