Boszhira Valley

Boszhira Valley

Mangystau Region


October 18, 2018

I couldn’t find the appropriate words to describe my visit to Boszhira.  My only reaction was, “This is another planet.”

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Many people think that Kazakhstan is one huge flat steppe.  But there are places in the country that are true natural wonders.

One example is the tract of Boszhira, a mountain range located on the Ustyurt Plateau on the Mangyshiak Peninsula in the Mangystau Region in south-western Kazakhstan.  It is one of the most beautiful places in Kazakhstan

Boszhira is little known and inaccessible to tourists. Everything is white here – canyons, peaks, mountains.  The canyon is the bottom of a dried sea and covers a huge area. 

This is an area where nature has given full freedom to its imagination and created an amazing landscape. The hallmark of Boszhira are two limestone peaks called “Fangs.”

The distance from Zhanaozen to Boszhira is about 148 km, from Aktau, 298 km.

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