Der Ulmer Spatz



Federal Republic of Germany

October 30, 2016


Der Ulmer Spatz


“Why all the birds everywhere?” I asked Mark, my host and friend. 

On my leisurely walk this morning, I spot colorful and creative sculptures of birds attached to the walls above the front door of shops and businesses.  There’s even a sculpture of a bird atop the cathedral.   And one lady in town decorated her window curtains with birds as the motif!  

 “Why all the birds?”

Mark explained the story of Der Ulmer Spatz, The Ulm Sparrow.

The Ulm Sparrow is symbol of Ulm.  According to legend, the inhabitants of Ulm needed a particularly large beam for the construction of the Ulm Minster, but could not get it through the city gate.  As they were about to tear the gate down, they noticed a sparrow carrying a straw for its nest; which turned it from crosswise to lengthwise in its beak.  Realization dawned on the people of Ulm, who have ever since placed long loads along rather than across their carts. ***

The Ulm Minster or Ulmer Münster is sometimes referred to as a cathedral because of its great size.  It’s not a cathedral because it has never been the seat of a bishop.  Actually it is a Lutheran church.  It is the tallest church in the world and the fourth tallest structure built before the Twentieth Century.  The steeple measures 161.5 meters or 530 feet.

My walk also confirmed another thought: “The Germans know how to do things right!”  Everything is closed on Sunday.  The Old Town shopping district is almost deserted.

Perfect for my morning stroll.

Except, I would have been happy to find a bakery open for business.  No apple strudel today!

PS  I can’t complain.  Every morning I enjoy a marvelous breakfast at the Hotel Neuthor.   Here’s my review posted on Trip Advisor:

For a small hotel with only 24 rooms, this hotel serves the best breakfast I have had in a long time: eggs, breads, cheeses, meats, cereal, yogurt, fruit, juices and a coffee machine. Many of the cheese items are creative and delicious.

The English-speaking staff is friendly and helpful and made me feel at home.

The location is excellent: near the cathedral, shopping and restaurants in the old town.

The guest rooms are absolutely clean and comfortable. The bathroom seems quite new and modern.

Best of all, even with luggage, the hotel is an easy 10-15 minute walk to the train station.

In Ulm, this is an excellent choice.


*** For a complete Ulmer Spatz photo gallery see:.



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