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Windward Islands

West Indies

January 15, 2018



On this perennially warm, hilly, flora drenched island, dotted with lakes and surrounded by lovely beaches, where relaxation is the national pastime, can anyone please explain why everyone drives so fast?  

Furiously fast?  Surprising and frightening.

(I am tempted to use an alternative adjective beginning with f, but this is a family website after all.)

On my first self-guided tour of Grenada I walk from my guesthouse up the hills to explore the neighborhood.  Even the shoulders of the one-lane roads are dangerous.  So I wander up and down the side roads.

The private homes, both substantial, and not so substantial are all colorful and cheerful.  Folks I meet along the way are cheerful as well. 

The driver on my second tour takes me to Fort George and the hilltop view of Fort George’s Harbour….   Annandale Falls…. Swim if you like.  Grand Etang Crater Lake ……No Swimming.

I recall the pedestrian sign years ago in New York City: “Cross at the Green. Not In Between.”  Crossing anywhere in Grenada is a challenge.

I recall my own Travel Mantra: “Patience and a Sense of Humor.”

Both good advice in Grenada. 

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