Kiev: Andriyivsky Uzviz

Andriyivsky Uzviz*

Kiev - Kyiv


June 5, 2018


Once again, I climb the hill behind the Gintama Hotel towards Sophia Plaza and this time I wander down another steep cobbled street-  *“Andrew’s Descent” - towards the Podil district.

Modern sculptures and murals adorn the quaint buildings. 

St. Andrew’s Church (1754) is one of the highlights on this excursion.  This stunning gold and blue traditional five-domed church was built by Italian architect Bartolomeo Rastrelli who also designed the Winter Palace in St. Petersburg. 

Nearby, the National Museum of Ukrainian History has exhibits of archeological artifacts.  As usual I am drawn to the gold jewelry that is finely decorated with seals and emblems and miniaturized animals.

At the rear of the museum I stand at the very place where a legendary prophesy was made (“A great city will stand on this spot”) and where history began for Kyiv, Ukraine and Russia.

On this bright sunny day, the panoramic view is inspiring.

So, along with John, a fellow traveler from Finland who I met on my stroll and with whom I discuss the issues of the day, I decide to take lunch at a patio restaurant on a side-street where I order a mixed green salad with slices of smoked veal and a puree of spicy chickpeas.

I was inspired!


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