L'viv: Morning Glow - Evening Shadows



June 8, 2018

The long history of L’viv is complicated and bloody.

Settled as early as the 5th Century, L’viv has been invaded and occupied and settled by Tartars, Poles, Swedes, Hungarians, Turks, Austrians, Czechs, Germans and Russians.  Before the War, Jews made up 30% of the local population.

The varied cultures have left their mark on this now colorful and photogenic city.

I am up early to catch the morning light, first from my hotel window and then along the quiet streets.

In the warm afternoon and evening, the streets come alive with determined shoppers, busy office workers and friends who chat at an outdoor cafe.

L'viv and the other places I visited in Ukraine are completely clean.  No cigarette butts, nothing on the sidewalks or streets.  People are very careful to dispose of all their litter.

Folks here are tall, mostly slim and well-dressed.  In this summer month the men favor tee shirts and slacks.  The daring women wear bare midriff shirts and shorts.  Everyone sports clean and stylish shoes.  They walk with a proud posture at a brisk, purposeful pace.

To be completely accurate, a smile is not a default facial expression.  (I am sure sociologists have an explanation.)

Never mind.  Come walk with me.  The anciene regime structures and patriotic monuments smile at me in this city center on the UNESCO World Heritage list.


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