Mykines for the Birds


Faroe Islands

July 23, 2015

I'm so angry!

Nowhere in any brochure or on the website or anywhere is there any indication of a strenuous four-hour hike to see some birds!

We hop off the boat at the Meknes pier.  Only then does the captain-guide give us the news!

When I booked this cruise-day-trip, I expected to encounter the bird colonies here in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.  The guide failed to mention the location!

I make it about one hundred meters up the steep hill and decide, “No way!”

So it’s back to town, if you can call it a town, and just relax.  Order a sandwich at the local guest house, take a stroll in the rolling hills around town, make a few new friends, chat with the sheep and the horses, wander back to the guest house for a coffee, relax once more.  Wait for the group to return.

I’m not complaining.  The Mykines is picturesque - a welcome retreat from “civilization.”

The highlight of the day is the boat ride (video) here and back:

We sail out on the ocean and through several crevices and fissures in the tall slender rocks.

The ocean-mountain scene is refreshing, inspiring, dramatic.

As for bird watching ….

I’m just a lazy “sheep!”

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