Palanok Castle

Palanok Castle




June 15, 2018


How can I resist?

An hour’s drive east from Uzhhorod near the Austro-Hungary-Czech town of Mukacheve, the hilltop Palanok Castle pops up from the surrounding plain.  How can I resist the climb?  (Actually, there is a parking lot about half way up.)

“This 14th Century castle is famous as the site where Croatian-Hungarian princess Ilona Zrini held off the Austrian Emperor’s army before finally capitulating in 1688.”

“The castle is also popular among Hungarians for its association with Sándor Petőfi (1823-49), the Hungarian national poet who was held here during the century the building served as an Austrian prison.” *

At the top of the castle I met a group of young students.  “What part of the world are you from?” I asked.  They responded, “Zimbabwe” and added, “Perhaps you have heard of Robert Mugabe?”  I thought for a moment and reacted, “I think he is even older than me!”  We all had a good laugh.


*Ukraine. Lonely Planet Publications Pty Ltd. 4th edition. May 2014. pg 144.


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