The Park and The Bridge

Tenasserim Hills

Kanchanaburi Province


April 6, 2019


On a holiday weekend, the Erawan National Park is a favorite for Thai families and groups of friends. (Erawan is the Thai word that refers to the Hindu myth Airavata or Airawana in Sanskrit.)

Children of all ages swim in the natural pools beneath the many waterfalls, young adults climb the seven levels of the steep walkways to the top of the mountain, and family groups relax and spread out their picnic lunch.

In this life I tried for the third level.  Unfortunately, after two and a half, I received signals from my right knee that “enough is enough.”   Perhaps in my next life I’ll make it up the seven.

In comparison, it was an easy climb from the parking lot up the steel staircase to the trestle of The Bridge

This is not your Alec Guinness wood-hewn version of The Bridge on the River Kwai.  Rather the Bridge is a massive multi-section steel and concrete structure.  With only one track and wide walkways, it’s a pleasant stroll above the river.

On the west bank of the river lies a Chinese temple, statues and a monument dedicated to the Chinese soldiers who labored here during the Second World War.   Two years ago, I visited the cemetery on the east bank of the river where British soldiers lie at rest.


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