The Paro Valley

Paro City 

Pop 12,500

2200m 7218 ft

Paro District

The Kingdom of Bhutan

December 13, 2023


No wonder my meals are all so delicious!

The variety of climate zones here produce rice, sugar cane, strawberries, broccoli, and potatoes.  At the local market, the colorful vegetables and fruit are fresh and crisp. 

In the afternoon we chance upon the entrance to a secondary school.  Headed for the school bus, the shy yet feminine young women giggle, and (seem to) avoid my camera.  The handsome boys follow my direction and line up in a proper attentive pose.  

At a  busy intersection in town, the charming policewoman smiles for me as she directs the traffic. There are no traffic lights in Bhutan!  In this country of hills and valleys, mountain rivers, and big city rush hour congestion, I never once heard the beep of a horn.

Bhutan style is the ubiquitous architecture.  In this national earthquake zone, no structure exceeds six stories.   Most are just four.

There is not one western franchise of any kind, whatsoever, anywhere.

Archery is the name of the game in Bhutan.  We ride past a field with an active group and stop.  At the moment I approach them, the archers start a celebratory song.  No not for me!  The cheering  is a traditional congratulatory gesture to one young fellow who had hit the target one hundred and forty-five meters down the range.  (160 yards!)

I walk back to the car accompanied by a young man with his equipment.  Can I try to use the bow and arrow?  At least to pull back on the bowstring?


Did I , could I, climb the trail to Tiger’s Nest Monastery?

Did I, could I, pull back the bowstring?

Results are the same in both instances!



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