Saksun: The End of the Road


Streymoy Island

Faroe Islands

July 26, 2015

My Dear Friends and Family,

Today is my last full day here on the Faroe Islands.

I decide to drive north from my hotel at Torshavn and continue north and northwest to the town of Saksun at the very end of the road on Streymoy Island.

What shall I find along the way?

What shall I discover at the end of the road?

Along the way, rapid streams and veiled waterfalls slice down the green hills to the estuaries and fjords.

At the end of the road lies a lengthy path down to a tidal plain with a trail for hikers and a shallow waterway for waders and fishermen.

For folks like me who record their travels with photographs, Saksun is ideal.

And for folks like me who drive to the end of the road, Saksun is ideal.


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