Sibenik: A Worthy Day Trip




May 28, 2015



Driving south, between Zadar and Split, I stop for a coffee in the small coastal city of Šibenik.

Despite the fact that Šibenik is not even mentioned in my guidebook, I decide to take a stroll.  No matter where, there is always something of interest to discover.

Šibenik will be no exception.

A tall church tower beckons in the distance.  I pass a flower market, and find myself in an Old Town:  ancient narrow streets of stone and cobble stone, medieval carvings, pastel building facades, busy outdoor cafes and ubiquitous ice cream cones.  

The church is a remarkable Cathedral of St James, built entirely of stone between 1431 and 1536. 

In fact, Šibenik has a remarkable history.  Not occupied by the Greeks or the Romans, the city was founded in the 11th Century by the Croats.  Later, Venetians and Hungarians and Habsburgs laid claim to this strategic city on the Adriatic Sea.

Now, on a bright spring day, Croats again lay claim, along with a smattering of tourists on a day trip from Zadar or Split.

A calm, surprising and worthy day trip, I might add.



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