Skógáfoss, Iceland


South Coast


September 13, 2015

Dear Friends,

Iceland is blessed with a plethora of dramatic waterfalls.

Skógáfoss is 15m wide and 60m high, and is certainly on any Top Ten list (49 ft and197ft). 

On my second visit to Skógáfoss, the weather was sunny and even a bit warm for Iceland so I decided to make the climb of 450 steps to the Skógá River above the falls.

The scene is exhilarating; I could have lingered all day.

Alas, I must return to Reykjavik for the night and then my return home.

Iceland itself is on my own Top Ten list.  I highly recommend an unhurried visit.

New York to Reykjavik is only five and a half hours.

And what sights and what sounds.  And what waterfalls!


PS In addition to the two videos, I have attached two Photo Galleries.   The first is of Skógáfoss and the Skógá River.  The second gallery is a selection of photos from other waterfalls I visited in Iceland. 

As a challenge, I have also included waterfalls from other international trips.  Can you identify them?  Hint: Thailand, Croatia, Argentina. Oregon, Switzerland.  One is a mystery.


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