Snaefells Peninsula, Iceland

Snaefells Peninsula

Western Iceland

September 8, 2015


I choose the road less travelled. 

Before driving the popular route that heads east along the south coast of Iceland, I decide to drive north from Reykjavik to the Snaefells Peninsula – a road less traveled.

Snaefells is a long, narrow peninsula that pokes out into the Atlantic Ocean.  I encounter misty rain, ubiquitous fog, incessant,  overpowering wind, and a raucous surf that seems determined to smash (and has already smashed) the jagged, black volcanic cliffs that disappear below the waves.  What can I expect out in the middle of the ocean? 

Executive Decision 1:  After an hour or two “out in the ocean” I abandon my attempt to circumnavigate the peninsula.  Humbly  I bow to the weather, and return to my cozy hotel.  Even the horses look unhappy today.  Tomorrow is another day.

Executive Decision 2.  Shall I take the quick and easy route through the tunnel back towards Reykjavik?  Not a chance.  I take the long way around, a detour around the Hvalfjordur Fjord. (Redundant?) 

There’s nothing redundant on this road: unique mountain formations, calm sparkling waters, and a broad  boisterous waterfall.  (Video)

I take a detour from my detour.  Up a gravel road, on a hill overlooking the fjord, stands the Stedji Natural Monument (Video) or Staupasteinn.  By any other name, a huge, tall, narrow and vertical boulder.  Up on this hill, the force of the wind almost knocks me down.  The boulder is steadfast.  I hide from the wind.

Despite the wind and the rain, it’s a splendid day.

Sometimes, a detour and the long way around  “makes all the difference.”


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