Svalbard: Outstanding!



78°55’30”N 11°55’20”E


The Arctic


So, can you name the northernmost civilian settlement in the world?

Here’s a hint:

A research town in Oscar II Land on the island of Spitsbergen in Svalbard, Norway. It is situated on the Brøgger peninsula (Brøggerhalvøya) and on the shore of the bay of Kongsfjorden.

Of course we all know the name: Ny-Ålesund (New Alesund). Summer population: 120.

Our cruise ship pauses here for a couple of hours.  We passengers have two choices.  Wander the old coal mining town, now a permanent research station, or take an hour’s hike with the rifle-toting guides. (“There’s ‘bar’ in them there hills!”)

Guess what I choose?

The photo gallery gives me away.

Two more photo galleries attached as I say my Goodbye’s and Farewell’s to the Arctic.  Such an outstanding trip this has been.

"Ciao" and "Cheerio" to Roberta and Sergio from Torino, Plinio from Trieste, and Sajan and his family from Singapore.

‘Til we meet again, my friends.

And watch out for them bears!