Thimphu Tour


Capital of Bhutan

pop 115,000

elev 2334 m  7667 ft

December 7, 2023



That's the word that comes to mind.  When i spot clotheslines and the daily wash hanging in the front of a home, 


My guide is puzzled.  For Kingya, the architecture is an ordinary sight.  Wash hanging in front is also quite ordinary.

This is what I see every day in every city, in every town, at every hotel..........

Every shop, every home, every business center, every government office, every fort-monastery-administrative center, every structure in the Kingdom of Bhutan is built in the traditional design.  The carvings, the colors, the decor  are inspiring.  Astonishing.  Unique.    

Towels and shirts and pants hanging in front? Traditional to be sure. Yet, Incongruous!

And shocking.  But maybe that's the point.


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