The Vine Retreat

The Vine Retreat

Phnom Vor Village

Kep, Cambodia

January 22, 2019


About a year ago, my Bangkok friend Robert invested his considerable talents in the ten-room guest house, spa and adjoining farm and gardens called The Vine Retreat.

Robert, a native of Quebec Province, Canada is a Certified Accountant.  But somehow, he has morphed into a civil engineer, electrician and carpenter as he repaired, renovated and rebuilt the long-neglected site in the jungle uplands of Kep Province in southern Cambodia.

With his natural ability and instincts and with the advice of the local workers, Robert rejuvenated the farm where he grows his own vegetables, fruit and flowers.  He also planted row upon row of the Kampot Pepper tree that produces the highly regarded culinary commodity.

Along with the kitchen staff, Robert’s Thai girlfriend Fa cooks up the tastiest menu this side of the Mekong.

Our mutual Montreal friend Howard and I coordinated a simultaneous visit to The Vine Retreat.  One morning we hiked to a golf course under development in the middle of a mango tree plantation!

Tomorrow we three will visit a local primary school. 

Later this week, Howard and I will travel together to explore the ancient sites of Central Cambodia.

Yes, I do retreat, but not for long,


PS  The Vine Retreat is open for business and is accepting reservations.  The air is invigorating, the scenery intoxicating, the swimming pool rejuvenating.  Yoga sessions.  Breathe!

Let’s wish Robert much success as he creates his own bit of paradise in the midst of, yet hidden from a rapidly developing province and country.

Indeed, a Retreat!


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